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God's message

Once there was an drunkard in a village who comes late to his house staggering after drinking...
His wife was so much depressed by her husband's habbits and the loans which was unsettled.
She was praying everyday and night to Jesus seeking for redemption.

One day this drunkard came early to house around 3 p.m. and saw her wife praying sincerely for him.

His heart was moved by her tearful prayer. He called her and said,
"I'll quit drinking, but provide me some fruit juice now so that I'll consume it instead of alcohol ."
So his wife prepared a cup of juice and gave him.
He started drinking the fruit juice everyday and was deeply attracted by the taste.
But since they are from a poor family, they did not have enough money to prepare juice daily.

So they discussed with themselves saying,
"Why can't we start a juice company?"

They started a company and became settled all loans, the husband became a true person to God, their family was blessed with happiness, etc!!

So wait for God's​ time!!
When God gives a solution, it will solve all the problems!!

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